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FlexiFreeze 8 Cube Ice Strip 100-Pack (For Cooling Collars)

FlexiFreeze 8 Cube Ice Strip 100-Pack (For Cooling Collars)FlexiFreeze 8 Cube Ice Strip 100-Pack (For Cooling Collars)

FlexiFreeze 8 Cube Ice Strip 100-Pack (For Cooling Collars)

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The power behind all of our innovative cooling solutions is the FlexiFreeze Ice Sheet. This uniquely designed ice sheet can be cut, along the gutter between the cubes, to a size that works in your existing coolers or to meet your other cooling needs.


  • 100 pack, 1 x 8 cube strips
  • Carton dimensions: 16" x 12" x 6"
  • Carton weight: 22.2 lbs

Cool Stuff to Cool Stuff!

FlexiFreeze products are just that, Cool Stuff to Cool Stuff. The whole product line stems from our unique FlexiFreeze Ice Sheets. They are like industrial strength bubble-wrap with pure water inside the bubbles. They can be frozen hundreds of times and stay flexible while frozen. The versatility of our FlexiFreeze Re-Freezable Ice Sheet allows it to be the building block for an incredible line of application driven products. These products include our patented line of "coolers with built-in ice", cold therapy wraps, ice vests, and more. They all go right in your freezer.

Manufactured in the USA, our re-freezable ice sheets contain purified water that is safer to drink than your own tap water. That water is sealed permanently inside the re-freezable ice sheet. We use pure water because it works better than gel packs at keeping food and drinks cold. Say good bye to blue goo and leaking bags of ice forever.

The first coolers with the ice built-in! Our patented line of re-freezable cooling products has been a solution to over two million customers in wide range of designs. Whether it is keeping your food safe and fresh or your team's mascot comfortable, FlexiFreeze has you protected.

Life doesn't always provide us with perfect conditions. Sometimes, we think the only way to handle severe heat is to avoid it all together. Take back your life! Let the FlexiFreeze Ice Vest help you perform to the best of your abilities while on the job and during everyday activities. Equip yourself with the best solution for combating extreme heat.


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