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Fieldsheer Mobile Cooling Unisex Ice Packs - Gray

Fieldsheer Mobile Cooling Unisex Ice Packs - GrayFieldsheer Mobile Cooling Unisex Ice Packs - Gray

Fieldsheer Mobile Cooling Unisex Ice Packs - Gray

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Fieldsheer's Mobile Cooling Ice Packs adds extra cooling with Hydrologic plus technology. The Ice Packs are activated inside of the freezer and then placed inside the pockets of the Hydrologic garments to lower body temperature by slowly absorbing internal heat and releasing it to keep the skin cool, the ice packs offer immediate relief from dangerous heat conditions providing long-lasting comfort in even the most extreme heat.

Mobile Cooling Ice Packs with Hydrologic Plus technology with rapid action to bring the core temperature back to safe levels in minutes. Ice packs are made with pure water that can be cooled by refrigeration or Freezing to provide you with long lasting cooling. Designed specifically to be used in conjunction with our full line of Hydrologic Vest garments to extend your cooling with additional ice packs. By removing latent heat through the evaporative process and dropping internal temperature cooling for the skin. Our ice packs ensures lasting performance to keep your cool for hours.


  • 3 removable Mobile Cooling Ice Packs
  • Made with Pure Water
  • Non-Toxic Freezable Pack
  • Reusable
  • 100% polyester ice pack sleeves ensure easy slide into the Hydrologic Vest internal pockets
  • Unisex


  • (3) Ice Packs
  • (3) Ice Pack Cloth covers

Since 1978 Fieldsheer has redefined what clothing can do.

We design for what's unseen, around the bend in the road. It was true when Fieldsheer was the first to design motorcycle jackets with integrated protective pads. It was true when Fieldsheer was the first to introduce heated motorcycle apparel for chilly rides in unpredictable conditions. It remains true as we focus on developing the next generation of apparel technologies for work and play.

Carrying the torch of our heritage of innovation is what drives us to ride further, work harder, brave the elements, and do more with what we wear.

To deliver on that promise, Fieldsheer has recently re-focused our product lines to facilitate nimble focus, technological collaboration and market clarity. We invite you to explore our new and mature brands under the Fieldsheer umbrella:

  • Mobile Warming - cutting edge, battery heated apparel for work and play, managed with your phone
  • Mobile Cooling - Advanced apparel evolved from our motorcycle technologies to keep people cool in hot environments, or when wearing protective outerwear
  • RiderWear - Reinvention of our flagship motorcycle riding apparel that builds on our first innovation from 1978 in integrated protective padding

What Is Fieldsheer

Fieldsheer is unlike any other heated apparel company - because we're not an apparel company.

We are a technology company. Our Mobile Warming line is a technology platform, the only heated apparel company in the U.S. market that owns our full supply chain, from hardware R&D, battery design, to cut-and-sew, and app development. This means Fieldsheer and our Mobile Warming line have the ability to bring higher quality products to market faster than the competition, ensuring we continue to lead the pack of integrated digital apparel.

Our heated panels in our Mobile Warming garments are the thinnest and least cumbersome in the market. Since we designed the battery hardware from the ground-up, it also means they are optimally efficient. Paired with our Bluetooth connected app, we further optimize the functionality of our heated apparel to be warmer, last longer, and manage wearer climate on a micro scale.

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