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EXO2 StormChaser Controller

EXO2 StormChaser Controller

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Now more powerful and versatile than ever! The high performance 8.5A StormChaser Controller (which replaces the 5A StormRider Controller) mounts easily to your motorcycle, snowmobile or ATV and is designed to promote flexible enjoyment of your EXO2 heated gear. This handy electronic controller allows you to control temperature settings for varying conditions over the course of a long ride or across multiple seasons.

** Any modifications to the StormChaser Controller, including removing the factory sealed backing plate, will void the 1 Year Limited Warranty. **

The 5A StormRider Controller is now the 8.5A StormChaser Controller! The same unit which was selected as "Best of Class" by Motorcycle Consumer News just got better! Now, more products can be powered by the controller including EXO2's new StormChaser Heated Motorcycle Jacket!

For optional use with the EXO2 line of heated vests, jackets and gloves, this electronic (PWM) controller allows you to control temperature settings for when conditions change over the course of a long ride in the country or throughout the fall, winter and spring. With the Y-Splitter (supplied free of charge with all EXO2 heated motorcycle gloves) the bike mounted StormChaser Controller can manage the heat production for both body and hand products. The controller mounts easily to your motorcycle, ATV, etc. via the supplied instructions. (** A P25S13 Adapter Cable is required to power the StormWalker Vest, the StormWalker Jacket and the HeatWave Heated Back support.)

Additional Information:

  • Description: Temperature Control Unit (with 9 Levels)
  • Electrical Draw: Handles 8.5A of Draw
  • Power Options: Direct Connection to Motorcycle, ATV, etc. Battery (via supplied Cabling)
  • Connections: Optional StormRider Controller & StormShield Gloves
  • Includes: Cabling for direct connection with Bike Battery
  • Tips for Best Results: Never remove backing plate from Controller under any circumstances. A P25S13 Adaptor is required for use with the StormWalker Vest, StormWalker Jacket and HeatWave Heated Back Support
  • Warranty: 1 Year Limited Warranty

EXO2 is an innovative heat technology company which prides itself on exceeding customer expectations. With our cutting edge FabRoc heat technology and culture to pursue excellence in all we do, we want to be your solutions provider at work, home and play when heat is the remedy. Whether a provider of EXO2 branded products or a partner in the collaboration of yours, our team is committed to ensure that your satisfaction is earned at every opportunity.

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