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EXO2 Heated Clothing
EXO2 In-Line Controller

EXO2 In-Line Controller

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About EXO2

The EXO2 In-Line Contoller, which allows for 4 levels of heat and requires no hardwiring or permanent mounting is sure to make any FabRoc heated product an even greater investment, allowing you to wear your products earlier in the fall and later into the spring.

This newest addition to our temperature controlling accessories can be used with a variety of our power cables including the 12 Volt Accessory Outlet Power Cable, the BMW Hella Plug, the SAE "Quick Connect" cable, etc.

EXO2 is proud to add the EXO2 In-Line Controller to our range of top quality accessories to make your purchase of FabRoc heated clothing and products an even greater investment. This 12V, 4 Level PWM system allows you to dial in the heat you want, when and where you need it. Small (4" x 1.5" x 0.5") and lighweight (1.9oz.), the controller does not require hardwiring or direct mounting and can be used with a variety of EXO2 accessory power cables.

Additional Information:

  • Description: EXO2 In-Line Controller
  • Power Options: 12 VDC
  • Weight: 1.9oz.
  • Connections: 2.5mm (Jack and Plug)
  • Warranty: 1 Year Limited
  • More Specifications: 4 Levels (PWM)

EXO2 is an innovative heat technology company which prides itself on exceeding customer expectations. With our cutting edge FabRoc heat technology and culture to pursue excellence in all we do, we want to be your solutions provider at work, home and play when heat is the remedy. Whether a provider of EXO2 branded products or a partner in the collaboration of yours, our team is committed to ensure that your satisfaction is earned at every opportunity.

We partner with companies and license the use of FabRoc only when we are confident that the core values exhbited by the company meld well with those we uphold and respect.

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