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EXO2 Heatsole Heated Insoles
EXO2 Heatsole Heated InsolesEXO2 Heatsole Heated InsolesEXO2 Heatsole Heated InsolesEXO2 Heatsole Heated InsolesEXO2 Heatsole Heated Insoles

EXO2 Heatsole Heated Insoles

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Product Description
About EXO2

The all new, high performance HeatSole Heated Insoles II have been designed to provide warmth and comfort to enhance the safety and enjoyment of riding or any outdoor activity. It is an effective, no non-sense approach to keeping feet warm while on the bike, on the dock, on the slopes or on the lake.

Cold feet warm heart? Who ever heard of that? EXO2 is pleased to bring you the next generation of heated insoles, the "HeatSole Heated Insole II"! We've taken the complexity out of using heated insoles and offer an effective, no non-sense approach to keeping your feet warm when Mother Nature is not playing fair. Each HeatSole II comes with an individual lithium-ion power pack that delivers 4-6 hours of continuous heat per charge. Each top quality leather HeatSole is 'cut to size' and one size fits most. The integrated FabRoc heat panels self-regulate at approximately 115-118F for ideal comfort, regardless of the shoe, boot, or ambient temperature. HeatSoles II are ideal for skiing, hiking, motorcycling, fishing, riding, hunting and those who struggle with poor circulation. A Velcro strap for clipping the power pack to lower leg (if not wearing a boot) is provided to conceal the tiny power packs from view. Warm feet, warm heart. Doesn't that sound better?

Additional Information:

  • Description: Battery Powered Heated Insoles
  • Power Options: 3.7 volt Lithium-ion Batteries (one each) - Included
  • Material Content: Leather Insole, & FabRoc Heat Technology Panel
  • Washing Instructions: Spot Clean as Needed
  • Available Sizes: One Size Fits Most (Cut to Size)
  • Battery Information: Battery Life Per Full Charge = 4-6 Hours
  • Weight: 1.1 lbs (Including packaging box, batteries, etc.)
  • Heat Temperature: 118F / 48C
  • Location of Heat Panels: Underneath Ball of the Foot
  • Connections: 11" Cable
  • Includes: 2 Insoles, 2 Batteries, 2 Optional Leg Straps, User Instructions and Charger Unit
  • Tips for Best Results: Turn on Insoles Shortly Before Entering Cold Environment (Before Feet Become Cold)
  • Warranty: 1 Year Limited Warranty

EXO2 is an innovative heat technology company which prides itself on exceeding customer expectations. With our cutting edge FabRoc heat technology and culture to pursue excellence in all we do, we want to be your solutions provider at work, home and play when heat is the remedy. Whether a provider of EXO2 branded products or a partner in the collaboration of yours, our team is committed to ensure that your satisfaction is earned at every opportunity.

We partner with companies and license the use of FabRoc only when we are confident that the core values exhbited by the company meld well with those we uphold and respect.

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