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EXO2 Drum Heater

EXO2 Drum Heater

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About EXO2

EXO2 FabRoc drum heaters are built to last in the work place. Our drum heaters are up to the task of repeatedly being handled, removed and installed. Our stock, band heaters and our full coverage drum heaters are available in a variety of sizes. All are insulated and come with power options to fit your application.

General Features:

  • Dual Stage operating light indicates when heating and when ready
  • Suitable for explosion proof environments
  • Thermostatic or digital control for temperature adjustability
  • Easy to clean and durable exterior

Our standard product is a 55 Gallon, Full Coverage, Waterproof wrap which heats to 212F (1,000 Watts) and comes with a Digital Temperature Controller. Non-waterproof and 16 Gallon units are also available.

We have designed the EXO2 FabRoc Drum Heating Jacket (DHJ) to be easily installed by your staff with minimal instruction.The THJ is built to fit properly, wrapping around the drum and attached with easy to tighten straps. The wraps are sold as single units. They are accurate (with FabRoc Heat Technology and Temperature Control), rugged, reliable and durably constructed.

The EXO2 DHJ is powered by EXO2's proprietary wireless FabRoc Heat Technology (FabRoc) and crafted to promote consistent and efficient heat in a rugged and durable package. (There are no heated wires or carbon fibers to break, burn out, etc.)


  • Overall dimensions 33" x 77.25"
  • Woven Dupont Nomex Liner
  • EXO2 FabRoc Heat Technology Heating Element
  • 1/4" Nomex & 1/8" Felted Acrylic Insulation
  • 500 Denier Dupont Cordura Exterior Fabric (for weather & tear resistance)
  • Dabond 2000 (UV and abrasion resistant) Thread
  • 120 Volt, Single Phase Operation (with controller)
  • Estimated Wattage = 1000 watts
  • 10' Rubber Insulated Power Cord

Digital Temperature Control System Features:

  • Temperature Range up to 212F
  • Customizable Set Points with "Lock Out" Feature
  • LCD Display to Show Process Value
  • Celsius or Fahrenheit Display
  • NEMA 4X Enclosure for Outdoor Use

EXO2 is an innovative heat technology company which prides itself on exceeding customer expectations. With our cutting edge FabRoc heat technology and culture to pursue excellence in all we do, we want to be your solutions provider at work, home and play when heat is the remedy. Whether a provider of EXO2 branded products or a partner in the collaboration of yours, our team is committed to ensure that your satisfaction is earned at every opportunity.

We partner with companies and license the use of FabRoc only when we are confident that the core values exhbited by the company meld well with those we uphold and respect.

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