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CGear Sand-Free Beach Umbrella - Navy

CGear Sand-Free Beach Umbrella - NavyCGear Sand-Free Beach Umbrella - NavyCGear Sand-Free Beach Umbrella - NavyCGear Sand-Free Beach Umbrella - NavyCGear Sand-Free Beach Umbrella - NavyCGear Sand-Free Beach Umbrella - Navy

CGear Sand-Free Beach Umbrella - Navy

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There's nothing like a day at the beach-but nothing can ruin a perfect day like too much sun or a sudden rainstorm. Besides, having a cool, dry space is more than important; if you have children, it's essential. Our Beach Umbrella was designed to protect you from the elements while keeping you in the beauty of the moment.

CGEAR Beach Umbrella: Shade when you want it, protection when you need it, this umbrella provides a comfortable space free of sand, water, and harsh UV light exactly how you want it.

Large Waterproof Canopy: Most beach umbrellas only protect against UV rays, but ours includes a waterproof membrane that keep you dry from sudden showers and accidental spills.

Sand-Free Window and Side Walls: In addition to a nearly 8 foot canopy, this umbrella features a viewing window and sidewalls made from our patented sand-free technology.

Easy Set Up, Take Down, and Carry: CGEAR's Beach Umbrella comes with 4 pegs to keep it tied down in windy conditions. It collapses quickly and easily to a convenient carry bag -included.

Patented Technology:

It features a large waterproof canopy with plenty of space underneath for you and loved ones to stretch and relax. It also has a viewing window and sidewalls made from our patented sand free weave. Together, these offer the protection of a tent with the open-air feel of a traditional umbrella.

Windy day? No problem. The CGEAR Beach Umbrella comes with four tie-down pegs to keep it upright and as a convenient carry case. Though spacious when opened, this umbrella folds quickly and easily to keep you on the go. CGEAR's mission is to bring comfort, convenience, and care to adventures of all sizes, and our Beach Umbrella marks another accomplishment in the race to relaxation. Enhance your outdoors today.

Sized to your needs:


  • Canopy: 7.87 wide by 4.26 feet high.
  • Collapses into Carry Bag: 54 high by 4 wide.
  • It also includes 4 pegs for easy tide-down.
  • Size: 1.3m close, 2.4m open


  • Sand free -patented weave tech
  • Waterproof
  • Fold-able
  • With 4 pegs
  • With Carry-bag

CGear Australia was established in 2003 and holds a patent in 100 countries for its SAND FREE mats.

Continual research and development by the CGear Sand-Free team has seen the production of products for use by the military and the outdoor/recreational markets. These two divisions of CGear Sand-Free are internationally recognized innovators in these specialized fields and markets.

The military products CGear Sand-Free has developed focus on providing solutions to sand and dust abatement for helicopters when landing and taking off. The CGear Sand-Free patented Tactical Helimat is a light weight transportable Helipad that solves the problem of sand and dust abatement, known as Brown out.

Brown out traditionally has caused serious safety issues due to the lack of visibility whilst operating in sand and dusty environments. Further, brown out can cause mechanical failures due to ingestion of sand and accelerated wear of rotor blades, rotor gear, general wear on engines and filters.

The company's SAND FREE Helimat facilitate in increased operational aircraft time, reduced maintenance costs and increased operation safety for aircraft and ground crew. It also reduces ingestion of sand and dust, is lightweight, compact and rapidly deployable, impervious to aviation fuels and oil spills and flame resistant.

CGear Sand-Free distributes the Tactical Helimat to the US Marines and other Military worldwide.

In 2010 CGear Sand-Free Ltd launched this technology outside of Australian shores and onto the recreational market in the United States and around the world. The 2010 collection comprises of an Orange / Tan and Blue / Green mat embracing similar technology to that used by the militaries it sells to. For 2011 S/S the company has launched the much anticipated Rug Range available in 4 patterns perfect for all outdoor occasions.

The company offers smart, innovative solutions enhancing your time outdoors by bringing the some comforts from home.

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